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Our town is growing – Imagine that! Every week, more happy residents move into the Town of Stratford, and to serve our growing residential community, we now have a burgeoning business base. Our local business owners have a raft of reasons why they “Think! Stratford” and choose to locate here in town, but not least among them is a chance to actually get to know their customers.

There’s a good chance that when you pop into the pharmacy or pick up a few items at the convenience store you will know the clerks behind the counter as well as many of the shoppers. When you book your landscaping, training session or pet grooming appointment, you can probably call the owner by name. And when you take the kids to the park or soccer field you will no doubt find time for a chat with the parents.

You can Think! Stratford too, by choosing to spend your time and money in your town. So Think! Stratford first before you shop, play and explore!

Our Featured Business

Murphy’s Pharmacy expands in Stratford

Exceptional Care Always! Living Wall Green FeatureStratford’s second Murphy’s Pharmacy has opened in the Kinlock Crossing building. The beautiful décor makes it a welcoming experience whether you are popping in for a few necessities, picking up prescriptions, seeking consultations, or enjoying a nice, hot coffee.

“We developed this space with our client in mind,” said Paula Ross, Manager of Murphy’s Kinlock Pharmacy. Why not see how firsthand?

Read all about their new location here.

Our Featured Service

Stratford Public Library

Stratford Public Library's Entrance Conveniently located in the Bunbury Mall just off the Hopeton Road, the Stratford Public Library welcomes everyone to become a member and take advantage of our many services and programs. Need access to the Internet? Want to check out A to Z Maps Online? We bet the kids would have some fun with the reading exercises and games on Tumblebooks!

The library is open daily at 9:30 am from Tuesday to Saturday and stays open till 8:30 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.