RFP - Mobile App Development

The Town of Stratford is seeking proposals from qualified firms to develop an easy to use mobile app to assist with the management and administration of the Town’s in-development Senior Engagement Program (see below). 

Full RFP specifications can be found below. 

Sealed proposals must be received at Stratford Town Centre, 234 Shakespeare Dr., Stratford, PE, C1B 2V8 no later than 1:00pm local time, on Tuesday, December 17, 2019. Late, emailed or faxed proposals will not be accepted. The Town of Stratford is not bound to accept the lowest nor any proposal received.

RFP Specifications: RFP - Stratford Senior Project App Development (November 2019)
Proposed Program Document: Senior Engagement Project - Proposal

Questions and Responses (December 12, 2019)

1 - Do you have a preference for a local vendor or are you open to any within the region? Per our procurement policy, we offer an advantage to a Stratford, PEI based business (5% threshold) but are open to vendors from anywhere.
2 - Could you identify if you require both smartphone and tablet access to the app, or only smartphone? Both
3 - Do you have accounts on both the stores for publishing the apps or would you like us to do so? Not currently. Please build into your application and outline the preferred option for proceeding if selected.
4 - There would be a need for hosting for the data collected. Is hosting, domain and/or SSL services required or would the Town have this? We would have this.
5 - There is a note for open source for the app and although we could do so, we would like to put a caution out there that since this contains personal information of individuals, it just adds a layer of security concerns for any singular Town. Would you be open to us explaining this further of why we would not recommend it even though we could do this for you? Yes please include in your application the direction you would take if selected. Open source is something we are interested in for the ability to potentially allow other municipalities to use the same framework for their launch of a program if interested. We are open however to doing it differently upon the advice of selected provider.
6 - Could you let us know what the budget is for this project and the ongoing maintenance? To be determined based on responses to RFP.
7 - Are there any specific measures and reports you are looking for? Some of these are to be determined but certainly basic abilities to track usage, where the user is going within the app, etc.
8 - Would you be open to an e-mail or USB submission or limiting the number of printed versions of our proposal to support our annual sustainability goals? We share these same principals however it is customary for us to require the copies be provided in print and at this time continue to do so.