Media Release: May 12, 2021 Council Meeting Summary
Posted on 05/13/2021
Image of Mayor Ogden presenting Brown and Hood Heritage AwardFor Immediate Release: May 13, 2021

The following items were discussed at the regular monthly meeting of the Stratford Town Council held on Wednesday, May 12, 2021.

Brown and Hood Heritage Award

The Brown and Hood Heritage Award is presented annually by the Town of Stratford to an individual, group, organization, or company who strives to preserve Stratford’s heritage, whether it is in the form of built architecture, the written word or through volunteer efforts to promote the values of heritage.

Mayor Ogden presented the award at an earlier time to Maurice “Moe” Rodgerson for his work restoring Mill Brook Farmhouse. Mr. Rodgerson’s family connection to the property began in April 1886 when Edward Kelly acquired the property from Edward Picton, son of Major John Picton Beete. John Picton Beete had acquired the property in 1850 from Chief Justice Peter Stewart. Beete returned to England in 1886, passing the property to his son Edward who then sold it to Edward Kelly.

Edward “Yankee Ned” Kelly relocated from Lake Verde to Southport in 1886 after acquiring the property. Joseph Kelly (Edward’s son) and his wife Winnifred MacDonald carried on with mixed farming, then in 1938, Millbrook Farm passed to Joe and Winnifred’s daughter Emma and her husband LeRoy Rodgerson. With the passing of LeRoy in 1998 the original house passed to their youngest child, Maurice “Moe” Rodgerson.

The house features an Island-stone foundation and locally made brick. Many of the original design features such as large central dormer with eve returns, six-over-six windows, central entrance door with transom and sidelights, decorative verandah and interior woodwork remain. The Mill Brook Farmhouse is an important heritage resource in Stratford not only for its age and condition, but for its connection to Major John Picton Beete. In the 1850s, Major Beete, a prominent citizen, proposed and lobbied to have the name of Southport changed to Stratford. Though he was unsuccessful at the time, due to Beet’s efforts the name was later given to the principle road through the community, and in 1995 to the newly amalgamated town. Moe Rogerson, great-grandson of Edward Kelly, has been responsible for the restoration and maintenance of this property. Due to Moe’s on-going efforts, Millbrook house remains a gem in the community.

The property was registered as a Provincial Heritage Place in 2008, recognizing its role in the history and development of the community.

25 Years of Municipal Service Recognized

Mayor Ogden formally acknowledged Robert Hughes, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Stratford, who was recently recognized by the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators’ (CAMA) Long Service Recognition Award Program for his 25 years of municipal service in a management capacity.

Z&C Flourish Revised Development Scheme Approved

A deferred resolution from the April 2021 Town of Stratford Council Meeting was approved revising a portion of the Foxwoods Subdivision Development Scheme for the newly proposed Phase 2. The resolution permits the creation of eight single dwelling lots as part of the Sustainable Subdivision, an increase of one lot at the end of Windsor Drive to six total and two lots on Cardiff Lane. Z&C Flourish completed consultation with neighbouring properties who did not raise any significant concerns over the proposed revisions.

Affordable Canadian Movers Application Approved

A resolution was approved to permit Affordable Canadian Movers to proceed with a planned self-storage facility at 33 Hollis Avenue. A total of 4 units will be constructed in phases on parcel number 1106012 (approx. 1.67 acres in total area) with the first phase consisting of a 4,300 sq. ft. commercial building which will be fully serviced with municipal sewer and water, and contain parking for 9 vehicles.

Kinlock EZ Storage Application Approved

A resolution was approved to permit Kinlock EZ Storage to proceed with a planned self-storage facility at 15 MacKinnon Drive. A total of 2 units will be constructed in phases on parcel number 328039 (approx. 1.29 acres in total area) with the first phase consisting of a 4,150 sq. ft. commercial building which will be fully serviced with municipal sewer and water, and contain parking for 6 vehicles.

Multi-Purpose Path Tender Awarded

Council passed a resolution to award a tender to Landmark (9421491 Canada Inc.) to construct the planned multi-purpose path along Keppoch Road. The total length is approximately 2.5 kms and will run east from Kinlock Road to approximately the intersection of Keppoch, Georgetown and Pownal Roads. Funding for the project will be received through the Province of PEI’s Sustainable Transportation Action Plan to cover 50% of the cost with the total cost of the project including engineering design, construction services and project testing fees being $1,759,226.90 (HST included).

Council Procedural Bylaw Amendments

Second reading and adoption was held to amend the Council Procedural Bylaw, Bylaw #47. Included in the amendments are new requirements in the Municipal Government Act for the conduct of electronic meetings which must be enabled, to enable the consolidation of bylaws and a number of minor wording changes identified.


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