Media Release - Town of Stratford Proudly Installs Mi'kmaq Place Names (June 18, 2021)
Posted on 06/21/2021
Image of road sign located at Rosebank Point with Mi'kmaq place name as wellFor Immediate Release: June 18, 2021

During National Indigenous History Month, the Town of Stratford is proud to install six signs in our community to acknowledge and appreciate the history of our community as a Mi'kmaq summer camping location. The installations are now complete and include the following:

 English PEI Place Name Corresponding Mi’kmaq Place Name  Translations:
Mi’kmaq Place Name
Fullertons Creek Apsoqonikatejk  Small legs
Hillsborough River Elsitkuk  The place where water flows out but you cannot see where it originates from.
Kellys Point Mekwe’k kun’tew The inanimate thing, rock, is red.
Rosebank Point Metupunekiaq Steep red bank
Seatrout Point Menapskw Round, globular thing removed or sticking out.
Stewart Cove Atoqwa’su walney Trout cove

“These signs connect us to our past”, said Steve Ogden, Mayor of the Town of Stratford. “The signs allow residents to reflect and become more aware of our community’s connection to the lands of the Mi’kmaq peoples of our past. It is a wonderful project and great addition to our community.”

The signs are now installed throughout Stratford at locations in close proximity to their past locations with help from L’nuey. Mi’kmaq place names have a historical connection to the location that describe the locations characteristics or activity uses of the land but are not translated names of the locations.

“This great initiative by the Town of Stratford is one that we are proud to support,” said Chief Darlene Bernard of Lennox Island First Nation. “It is important to display our language in our traditional territory, as many residents may not know the history and deep, long-standing connection that the Mi’kmaq have to this land. Educating people through simple initiatives such as this will strengthen understandings, knowledge, and ultimately our relationships with one another”

“The Town of Stratford has taken a great step in acknowledging our language and presence on this Island,” added Chief Junior Gould of Abegweit First Nation. “Islanders need to know about our culture, our history, and despite our oppressive colonial past, that we are still here today. Our ancestors have occupied this land for at least 12,000 years, and it is important that both we, and our culture, are visible in the Island’s landscape.”

This project was an initiative of the Town’s Heritage Sub-Committee with support from the Town’s Arts and Culture Sub-Committee and Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Committee.


For more information please contact:

Wendy Watts, Community & Business Engagement Manager
Town of Stratford
Phone: (902) 569-1995

Sean Doke, Communications Officer
Phone: (902) 330-4420

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