Caring Community Calls During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 situation continues we are inviting residents to reach out to us for a telephone conversation. We are also connecting residents, who are interested, to each other and encouraging these connections to make weekly calls to each other as another means of staying in touch and having something to look forward to each week.

Image of a telephoneIf you are tired of talking to your cat or it's starting to feel like you're having the same conversations over and over with those around you, then please reach out.  We have volunteers making 'Caring Community Calls' who would love to check in, have a telephone conversation and just generally brighten someone's day.

To request a call for yourself or someone else: or
(902) 569-6921 and leave a message with their name and phone number.
Open to all Stratford residents of any age!

To sign up yourself and be connected to someone else in our community for an ongoing weekly phone call please use the following form or email indicating your interest along with your name and telephone number.

Thank you!
Caring Community Calls Sign Up



Telephone Number: 

I agree that I am willing to be connected to a resident of the Town of Stratford, PEI and for the duration of the current COVID-19 pandemic situation also agree that I will call my connection a minimum of once per week for a social conversation. If I am unable to continue to make these calls for any reason, I will let the Town of Stratford know so that I/we can be reassigned or the connection ended. I agree and understand that these phone calls are not to provide advice or services to one another. If a need is identified by either party, the information should be brought forward to the Town of Stratford who may be able to assist in resolving the identified need but assistance is not a requirement or expectation of the connected individuals.

I agree
I do not agree

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to the Town of Stratford at or (902) 569-6921. Town staff will be in touch when a connection is made and provide you with the contact information for the individual. Thank you for signing up and helping with our ‘Caring Community Calls’.

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