Bouncing “Off the Wallz” in Stratford

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Anyone who has had the pleasure of engaging with people under the age of 18 knows all too well that at times kids’ energy stores seem boundless. They also understand perfectly the concept of “bouncing off the walls.” Then, at the other end of the spectrum, those same kids might be found slumped immobile in front of a screen claiming “I’m bored…”

The creators of Stratford’s newly opened indoor amusement park Off the Wallz Kids jumping with fun at Off the Wallzseem to have found the perfect solution to either scenario, having devised a space where young people can burn off excess energy (and actually bounce off walls) or alternatively tempt even the most lethargic kid off the couch.

Off the Wallz had its official opening on November 9, 2019, and the brand-new location in the Kinlock Crossing building is spacious, fresh and well organized for customers. On first arrival, visitors watch the short video that explains the site’s rules for safe behaviour. Then a waiver is signed at convenient tablets; boots and belongings can be stored in the roomy cubbies and racks; payment is processed; and the bouncing can begin! High ceilings and bright colours make for an invigorating environment, and parents are treated to a couple of comfortable waiting areas.

Jason Wall and Steve Darrach, the owners of Off the Wallz, had already been operating in Summerside area, and they picked Stratford as the next logical location for expansion.
There are several spots for visitors to play at.
“They realized how quickly Stratford is developing,” said Stratford Off the Wallz manager Mike MacLeod, “and saw a real opportunity. The space inside the Kinlock Crossing building allowed us to create a large and well-organized play area with lots of trampolines and plenty of room for all age levels.”

The space is divided into two main areas with the Soft Play section designed for kids up to the age of seven, while the trampolines and obstacle course are open to those seven and up. That restriction is made for safety reasons, especially when the space is busy, but parents can bring in their pre-school children on the quieter weekdays, when they are invited to play in either area with supervision. A quick reminder for first-time visitors – grip socks must be purchased for safety reasons, but they can be used on future visits. Adults must sign waivers for all young people up to age 18, but visitors age 13 and up can stay without parent supervision. A large space with many play areas.In addition to the soft play and the jumping space, kids have the option of purchasing tickets for use in the extensive arcade on site.

Off the Wallz is open seven days a week from 10 am to 10 pm and most holidays. With four full-time staff and up to 16 employees in total, the facility is clean and well managed, and the play areas are carefully supervised. As of November, they offer student nights, glow-in-the-dark evenings, parent and tot days, and discounts on PD days – and they are open to suggestions for more community events in the future.

“We also host birthday parties or other special events and have a couple of large rooms upstairs,” said Mike MacLeod. For a very convenient planning for a kid’s party, it is easy to add on pizza from the nearby Domino’s.

Large rooms available for birthday parties and other events

They encourage visitors to book in advance – both the booking and the waiver can be handled online - for the 1.5-hour sessions which allow access to all the features including the gymnastic style trampoline, dodgeball, cage ball, and the very popular obstacle course.

The overall custom layout in the 20-000-square foot facility was determined by research into other indoor play parks in North America as well as their own experience with most popular features in Summerside. The best way to stay up to date on special “jump” days or events at Off the Wallz is to follow their Facebook page.

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