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Wellness” is a term that is readily tossed about in these times, but a team of health care professionals in Stratford has taken a thoughtful look at our health care options and identified a gap that they are ready to fill.

With a credo that declares “You deserve to feel well” this group has defined a new means to achieving wellness that involves a three-pillar, multidisciplinary approach. Their company, Actual Wellness, just opened in October, 2019, and the founders are committed to the concept that improving your health requires a well-rounded or holistic plan.  “I like to describe it as a complete clinical approach,” says Dr. Trevor Jain, the Medical Director and co-founder of Actual Wellness. “Under one roof we can support clients as they achieve – and maintain - a healthier lifestyle.”

So, what are the three pillars of wellness promoted by the new, 1700-square-foot Stratford clinic? “Our program is designed to assist clients with emotional health, functional fitness and achievable nutrition,” says CEO and co-founder Steve Collette. “According to the evidence, each of these is dependent on the other, and the services we offer are intended to complement and support each pillar.”

Collette is no stranger to the Stratford business community as owner-founder of 3RD Degree Training and Actual Nutrition, also based in the town’s business park. While the two businesses are related, and clients may at times take advantage of services at his other location, Actual Wellness is structured to offer counselling, fitness and nutrition resources all under one roof. Actual Wellness is also working actively with local companies to assist in the development and delivery of workplace wellness programs.
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“Emotional wellness is an aspect of good health that is often overlooked,” notes Lori Livingston-Pollard, Director of Clinical Operations and co-founder. “We welcome anyone for one-on-one counselling, and I should point out that a referral is not necessary.” There are four social workers on staff who are ready to see patients, without wait times. The team members also remarked that clients could find a “mental wellness check-up” beneficial, just as you might visit the dentist on an annual basis. The Actual Wellness team reinforced the concept of holistic well-being as they noted that improving nutrition or enhancing fitness levels would certainly be associated with mental wellness; and that the reverse is also true -without doubt, mental health is improved through activity and better nutrition.

Large space for fitness The second pillar at Actual Wellness, Functional Fitness, should not be confused with some of the traditional exercise programs. “The goal here is to better perform the tasks of daily living,” says Collette. “Can you lift a box out of the car, or reach a bowl on the high shelf? We want to help people feel better, move more efficiently, not become superstar athletes.” Often the client might be preparing for surgery, or recovering from surgery or another critical health incident. The clinic has a good-sized exercise space where one-on-one training and group sessions take place.

Registered Dietitian, Megan Dowling leads the final pillar of wellness, Achievable Nutrition. “Everyone’s heard about yo-yo dieting, and extreme eating regimes,” says Dowling. “We aim to support our clients with achievable and sustainable healthy eating programs, while also taking into consideration benefits that could be gained from fitness or emotional wellness coaching.”  And thus it becomes abundantly clear that Actual Wellness is on to something – three pillars under one roof, with plenty of opportunity for complementary therapies, and the assurance that each individual wellness program will be tailored for your needs. “We want people to understand our “no-gimmick” philosophy to wellness,” said Collette, “and promote a balanced approach to well-being that includes exercise, nutrition and mental health.”

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The clinic prides itself on accessibility for patients with no referral necessary, no wait times, weekend hours as needed and the possibility that some services can be covered by public or private health care plans. The team at Actual Wellness are sincere when they say “You deserve to feel well,” and they encourage Stratford residents and everyone else to follow them on Facebook, call them at (902) 892-7575, contact them via email, or visit them in person at 10A Myrtle Street, Stratford

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