Stratford Registered Historic Places

The Town of Stratford, once Southport, Bunbury, Cross Roads, Keppoch-Kinlock and Battery Point, has a wide and varied history. Our first settlers, the Acadians, brought farming, shipbuilding and brick making to our area. When the European settlers arrived some 20 years later, the land was opened for further development.

The historic places of Stratford convey the sense of accomplishment and pride that our early settlers had in this place. The homes, farms, churches, and cemeteries deserve to be recognized as contributing to the creation of the Town of Stratford.

A Historic Places Initiative Project is taking place in the Town of Stratford. The goal of this project is to prepare nominations for properties of historic value in Stratford to be included on the PEI Register of Heritage Places. Once a property is included on the PEI Register, it will be included on the Register of Canada’s Historic Places, which includes heritage properties from across Canada.

Stratford has 11 properties registered in the Prince Edward Island Register of Historic Places.